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  • March 9, 2017

OLDHAM, England—A UK specialty and consumer chemicals manufacturer has announced that it is about to become the first company to commercialize graphene within high-performance protective paints. James Briggs Ltd. has entered into a joint development agreement with Applied Graphene Materials PLC (AGM),Redcar, England, a company dedicated to the manufacture and dispersion of graphene as well as the development of applications for graphene.

The partnership will enable James Briggs’ technical center to begin incorporating graphene nanoplatelets into its existing paint formulations with a view to launching a new range of high-performing primers in early 2017. Company officials expect the introduction of the progressive material, first isolated by the University of Manchester, to significantly improve the protective properties of the new range.

In addition, the two companies will join forces to collaborate on potential applications for lubrication products, which will take advantage of the improved friction properties offered by the application of graphene.

The collaboration comes after AGM announced it had achieved outstanding performance results from proof of concept studies into the use of its graphene in anticorrosive coatings. The PRA, an independent testing consultancy, reportedly evaluated performance through ISO standard accelerated weathering and anticorrosion tests. According to the company, its graphene material is able to deliver a six-fold improvement in barrier and anticorrosion properties at low loading levels.