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This Month's Focus: Curing
IR Curing Shoptalk: Powder coating MDF materials (Free)
This column is provided to you by members of the Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA). The group includes infrared (IR) curing equipment suppliers from throughout North America. We publish the column three times a year to give you the latest information about IR curing techniques and equipment. Contact information is at the end of the column. Most IR manufacturers offer testing for free or for a fee. Any IRED member can assist you in finding solutions to curing problems and best practices for finishing of coatings. This issue’s column was submitted by IRED member Judith A. Lietzke, Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Powder Coatings Clinic: UV-curable powder coatings, Part I—Adhesion to plastics
Owing to the development and applications of new materials such as plastics and composites, a key driver for the powder coating market is the ability to coat these types of substrates. Unlike metals, plastic and natural materials are unable to withstand high curing temperatures, thus making the development of low temperature powder coatings critical for these heat-sensitive substrates. Besides low melting temperature components, ultraviolet (UV) curing technologies offer many advantages, including ease of handling, fast curing compared to thermal powder coatings, environmental compliance, and lower energy consumption.
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SSPC’s annual event returns to Florida (Free)
If you make, use, or just like to talk about coatings, come to SSPC 2017 this January to check out the latest in protective coating technology.
Coater's Corner: Stay within your competence, equipment, and skillsets until you are ready to grow your company properly
Intro: As a metal finishing consultant and metal finishing custom coating professional for most of my adult life, I often say that I have seen it all when it comes to finishing related problems. But then someone calls to say that another incomparable and unexpected blunder has occurred, and one more unique story unfolds.
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