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The only technical publication devoted to the Powder Coating industry and other green finishing technologies.

Powder Coating is a controlled-circulation trade magazine in print since 1990. It provides practical, hands-on information to readers in the North American powder coating industry. Powder coatings are environmentally safe, nontoxic industrial coatings in powder form that are applied with specially developed electrostatic equipment to metal, plastic, and fiberboard parts, and then cured in ovens.

The magazine’s in-depth features and technical articles are developed for engineers, managers, and technicians who are responsible for or involved in the operation of a powder coating system or in producing powder coatings. The articles provide innovative, practical information that readers can use in the daily operation of their businesses not only to save energy, lower costs, and improve finishing quality, but also to sustain a safe environment.

Powder Coating’s 22,000-plus readers manufacture and powder coat a broad range of products, such as metal household furniture, farm machinery and equipment, lawn and garden tractors, computer and office equipment, refrigeration and service industry machinery, household appliances, aircraft parts, and motor vehicles, parts, and accessories. Readers also produce powder coatings, and resins, pigments, fillers, and extenders for powder coatings.

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