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This Month’s Focus: Coating Application & Recovery

Thermal spray coating systems – combining sacrificial and barrier protection values for corrosion protection

In 1987, the United States Naval Sea Command Maintenance Facility in San Diego, Calif., asked our company to help them develop and implement a superior corrosion control system for their fleet using thermal spray coatings (TSCs) and powder coating. Preliminary tests using powder coating as a replacement resulted in extreme outgassing due to the porous nature of the thermal spray process. At that time, our shop was working on overcoming the challenges associated with applying powder coating to medium density fiberboard (MDF), a substrate that posed similar challenges with regard to outgassing.

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FABTECH offers advancement for your finishing operations

CCAI’s FINISHING Pavilion at FABTECH is where the finishing industry comes together to see what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next.

parts2clean will clean up in Germany

Touted as the cleanest environment for great deals, parts2clean is the global meeting place for users and suppliers of industrial parts and surface cleaning solutions.

October Content

CCAI FINISHING Pavilion at FABTECH show guide

Tech article: An examination of part rotation solutions

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