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This Month’s Focus: Architectural Coating


Three companies highlight some of their recent architectural powder coating projects.

General Features

Electrically conductive powder coatings

Polymeric coatings typically do not conduct electricity. However, by incorporating conductive fillers into nonconductive resins, organic coatings can become electrically conductive. When they are utilized in powder coatings, a number of functions can be achieved such as corrosion inhibition, electrostatic discharge, and shielding of electronic components (communication equipment, antenna, sensors, and consumer electronics) from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Therefore, combining conductive fillers with resins may create an opportunity for the development of a broad spectrum of applications for military, industrial, and consumer sectors.

Hung up on people

I recently spoke with a good friend from the industry and our conversation drifted into me asking the following self-serving question: If I were to write an article for Powder Coating that you wanted to read, what would it be about? Given that this is a trade magazine, I expected a technical or process focused topic. Not at all. My friend’s million-dollar question can be summarized as follows: How do we (employers) get people (employees) to care about what they are doing?

Show preview: IMTS 2018 — Where dreamers and doers connect

Change your perspective as you learn about the latest and greatest manufacturing technologies and ideas at IMTS.

Show preview: GREEN EXPO aims for a circular economy

Head to Mexico this Fall to exchange information on creating and maintaining a sustainable industry.

August Content

Application and recovery equipment feature

CCAI’s FABTECH FINISHING Pavilion show preview

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