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This Month’s Focus: Architectural Coating


Three companies shine the spotlight on some of their recent architectural powder coating projects.

General Features

We had zinc on our hands – A technical overview of HDG and a reflection on customer service

In the past, my articles have focused on technical issues as well as customer service challenges that we as custom coating shops have to face. Despite having written about these things, I still find myself in the humbling position of learning from my mistakes.

Show preview: CMTS offers the cutting edge

Canada’s national event for manufacturing technologies and best practices convenes in Toronto this Fall.

Show preview: GREEN EXPO aims for a sustainable future

Environmental experts will head to Mexico this Fall to exchange information on creating and maintaining a profitable green industry.

Nanotechnologies in powder coatings, Part I

As new functionalities of nanomaterials are being developed and commercialized, nanotechnologies will continue to impact powder coatings. Nanoparticles are excellent candidates as reinforcing agents and as modifiers enabling other properties.

September Content

Application and recovery equipment feature

CCAI’s FABTECH FINISHING Pavilion show preview

Issue Focuses

February: Coatings; and the Master Guide to the Powder Coating Market

March: Automotive Coating

April: Pretreatment & Stripping

June: Custom Coating

August: Architectural Coating

September: Coating Application & Recovery

October: Test Equipment

November: Curing

December: Annual Reference & Buyer’s Resource

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Master Guide to the Powder Coating Market
Automotive Coating
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Pretreatment and Stripping
1. Turnkey Systems
2. Touch-up Paints
Custom Coating
1. Vacuum Cleaners
2. Burn-off Ovens
Architectural Coating
1. Film Thickness Gauges
2. Hooks and Racks
Coating Application and Recovery
1. Special Effects Coatings
2. E-coat and Powder
Test Equipment
1. Conveyors and Components
2. Coatings
1. Stripping Equipment
2. Washers
Annual Reference & Buyer’s Resource
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